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When was the last time you checked your guttering and drainpipes

Even though for the majority of the time your gutters are 

'Out of sight and out of mind' 

 They play a huge role in the structural integrity of your home, keeping them clean is a good way to avoid potentially costly repairs

Structural damage/damp

Gutters have one job, to guide water from the roof into the drain, if your gutters become clogged or broken you could have problems with damp and possible structural damage to your home.

All gutters and drainpipes should be cleaned annually in order to keep them performing properly and avoid the need for costly gutter repairs in the future.

What causes blocked gutters


The most common causes of blocked guttering/drainpipes are fallen leaves, moss etc. (in some unfortunate cases dead birds and animals). One of the simplest ways to check if you have a problem is to step outside while it is raining, if water is running down the walls it is likely that your gutter is blocked.


Leaking gutter joints are another common problem, it is also the most common cause of isolated damp in homes.

Sagging Gutters

This is another sign that you are having problems, this happens when the gutter becomes weighed down with debris, or when there are faulty brackets.


ContactJune on:

Mobile: 06 62 81 61 18 email: [email protected]

We provide a complete gutter and downpipe cleaning service, repairs and the installation of leaf guards etc.


Small single storey House 100.00€

Small 2 storey house 125.00€

Larger 2 storey House 150.00€

All of the above costs are averages only and will vary depending upon location, complexity of the work etc.