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La Marlaie Beaufou Vendee 85170 FR


Cast Iron Wall Brackets

Traditional Rose Head Nails or some times known as Deco Nails, have all been individually hand forged. The result is that no two nails are exactly the same.

Do not be mistaken by alternatives often referred to as clipped nails, the process used creates a good looking product but the problem is they are all uniform in size and shape. 

Traditional Hand Forged Rose Head Nail 35mm is used primarily in dressing the fronts of ledge and braced cottage doors. 


£22.99/27.99€ (pair)

Wall Shelf Bracket is ideally suited for use where wall fixing area is at a premium, such as over a door or above a kitchen work surface or as a support for a toilet system


Long Side: 157mm

Short Side: 106mm

Width of Arm: 11mm


£21.99/26.99€ (pair)

Heavy cast iron Wall Bracket is ideally suited to applications such as a support for a toiled cistern or a deep shelf. 


Long Side: 203mm

Short Side: 154mm

Width of Arm: 22mm


£22.99/27.50€ (pair)

Shelf Bracket would be well suited for use as a cistern or sink bracket. Alternatively for books, CD's, or ornaments. 


Long Side: 195mm

Short Side: 136mm

Width of Arm: 14mm


£26.00/31.99€ (pair)

Shelf Bracket would be well suited for use as support for a book or CD rack.


Long Side: 149mm

Short Side: 122mm

Width of Arm: 21mm - 14mm


£13.99/16.99€ (pair)


Long Side: 102mm

Short Side: 89mm

Width of Arm: 13mm


£16.99/19.99€ (pair)


Long Side: 223mm

Short Side: 155mm

Width of Arm: 12mm

All product are sold with all the necessary fixings.

Each pair of brackets are individually sealed in a polythene bag and boxed as a pair. 

All Iron Brackets are traditionally cast using the sand casting technique, this enables a high level of detail to be achieved. 

After casting each bracket is individually hand finished to remove all the runners and risers. After finishing each piece is coated in a low gloss lacquer to prevent surface oxidization, this makes them suitable for use in slightly damp areas such as bathrooms and conservatories.